Blue Flame Turritella

Blue Flame Turritella

Item Number: 1921

$72.00 (Starting At)

A unique mixture of blue and flame yellow glass are fused into a molten gather before a final casing of clear is applied. The fused collection is flattened on two sides using a steel marver before pulling and twisting the piece into the Turritella shape. The design produces an infinite number of refracted images as you view the sculpture from different angles. Similar to a kaleidoscope these changes are produced by light as it migrates up the compound curves of the sculpture. Owning a Turritella sculpture provides hours of enjoyment and each one is unique for it's owner. Turritella's are sea shells commonly found in the sub-tidal waters of the Mediterranean and European Coasts. The shells are collected for their structural beauty and are often made into jewelry for wearing as pendants.

A Testimonial

Tom Sidor, Brand On Promotional Group, Algonquin, IL

I want to thank you again for supplying my client with an outstanding custom one of a kind award. The recipients were blown away with the design and the weight of the item. Once again thank you for great communication from my first phone call regarding conception of a design and delivery date though the final e-mail you sent me with tracking information. In a perfect world, every order would go this smoothly. You are professional in every sense of the word. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for the outstanding service and quality once again.

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