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About Parris-Roche Studios

"Art is the imposition of a pattern on experience. Art enjoyment comes from recognizing the pattern." Alfred Whitehead

This statement, more than any other, defines the work of Parris-Roche Studios.

Brian Parris began studying art, history and literature in college, graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1978.

After years working in marble, granite, clay and glass, he settled on marble and glass as the medium for Parris-Roche Studio designs:

"Most people respond to shapes, colors and patterns, which defines their taste and personal preferences. Understanding this, I chose to concentrate on organic designs informed by personal experiences and imagery. This enables me to link the patterns people observe with their memories and impressions, creating a deeper connection with the art." Brian Parris

The Parris-Roche virtual gallery includes the modeling images used for each design along with related background, historical and other information relevant to the piece.

Also provided is a description of the creative process which includes gathering, fusing and tooling of the 2,500 degree liquid medium into heirloom quality sculptures and vessels.

Opaque and translucent glass colors are combined with clear to transmit, illuminate and magnify light as it passes through or accumulates within a design.

These gem like qualities are unique to glass explaining why it has been used as an artistic medium in continuous production for over 5,000 years.

Parris-Roche Studio’s designs can be found in boardrooms and private collections throughout the world.

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